A classic Pontiac LeMans owner arrives at a Car Show early in order to get this good display spot.

Texting Picture 1

Then, the next classic car, a ’40 Ford shows up and grabs the second stall…
Next a lady texting pulls up…

Texting Picture 2

She was soooo busy texting, she didn’t notice the curb and shrubs she was about to jump.
She never touched the brake, and kept her foot on the gas pedal even after impact.

Texting Picture 3

Texting Picture 4

Texting Picture 5

Texting Picture 6

Texting Picture 7

They live and text among us, folks.

From: http://megastarcomedy.blogspot.com/2012/08/texting-at-car-show.html

Thank you to Gary McGuire for the information.